PPC for Startups

Pay-per-click investment for a start-up is a key part of growing your brand and making sales.

As a new business, your success depends upon your ability to introduce your products or services to relevant potential customers.

Identify Your Customers

We start by identifying your ideal customer and the keywords which they would use to search for your products or services.

Display Creative

We work with you to create strong display creative, focused on highlighting your brand USPs.

Campaign Performance

We follow PPC best-practices to ensure your ads are effective in reaching your potential customers. Campaign performance is improved through ongoing testing and optimisation.

Why Is Start-up PPC Important?

As a new brand, your sales are dependent upon your ability to attract relevant users to your website and convert them into customers.

PPC is a great tool for start-ups because it will inevitably take time to start ranking near the top of the natural search engine rankings.

Pay-per-click investment for a start-up is a key part of growing your brand and making sales.

Any form of investment in paid marketing during the early stage of your business growth needs to focus on reaching people when they are ready to book.

PPC search provides the opportunity to introduce your brand at the point which potential customers are considering a holiday.

For a new business focus on search intent in the keywords you target is essential to the effective use of your marketing budget.

Following Google best-practises ensures that your ads have the best chance of success, followed by ongoing testing and optimisation.

Our focus is, as always, on making the most of your budget.

Our Approach to Start-up PPC Advertising

  • Understand Your Brand

    Our focus is to understand your brand and your target customer demographic. The more effective the targeting, the better the return on your investment.

  • Develop Your Message

    We work with your team to develop your marketing messages, ensuring your most important USPs are clear.

  • Create Strong Visual Designs

    The effectiveness of your visual creative is important to the performance of your display campaigns.

  • Setup Your Campaigns

    We focus on developing your Ads campaigns to follow best-practises and target keywords with convection intent.

  • Testing and Optimisation

    The success of your investment depends upon understanding the performance of your ads and your campaigns, and optimising accordingly.

Our Case Studies

We’ve helped some of the biggest names in travel and we know what works!

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