SEO Website Migration

Moving to a new domain, or migrating content across to a new CMS, can cause big problems for your search traffic.

Effective website migration is important to ensuring your SEO performance is enhanced by your new website, not harmed by it.

SEO-friendly Structure

We ensure that your new website is built with a site structure which will aid your SEO performance.

Effective Keyword Targeting

Having effectively optimised landing pages is important for your search rankings.

Relevant Re-directs

We maintain your existing rankings by identifying the most relevant 301 redirects from your pre-existing website.

Why Is SEO Migration Important?

A new website is a substantial investment of both time and money.

Understanding the effect your site structure has on your long-term SEO performance is crucial to maximising the return on your investment.

From the moment you put your site live there’s no going back. Any issues with your site could cause problems for your search rankings.

Therefore, incorporating SEO into your website project from the outset is the best way to not only ensure the long term health of your website, but also skyrocket your organic ranking performance.

Our Approach to SEO Site Migration

  • Optimise Site Structure

    Though often highlighted in SEO audits, the structure of your site is not an element of your site which is easy to change. A new website provides that opportunity! 

    During a site migration the aim is to use keyword research to organise your site hierarchy, based on the relationships between pages.

    Creating a logical site hierarchy can be one of the most effective ways and to improve your long-term SEO performance.

  • Content Review

    During a site migration, the first instinct is to cull old content. 

    However, sometimes the biggest drivers of traffic can be those old pieces that rank well for user’s search queries.

    We help you to understand which content should be kept, which content should be updated & improved, and which should be removed – based on the behaviour of your users.

  • 301 Re-directs

    Re-directs are important both to users and search engines. 

    Search engines index specific URLs to serve to searchers. When these URLs change, 301 re-directs provide a tool to advise Google that these URLs have permanently changed.

    This ensures that users land on the updated version of the page they expected to see, whilst maintaining any rankings which were previously earnt.

    Ensuring that any changes URLs are effectively re-direct is essential to seeing positive improvement in your search results.

  • Internal Linking

    Your internal link structure passes authority around your site.

    When URLs change, it is important to update your internal links to target the new URLs, as opposed to relying on re-directs.

    With your internal link structure playing a big part in your Page Authority, spending time reviewing internal links is time will spent.

  • Technical Migration

    Site migration involves a range of technical steps which ensure effective tracking and SEO performance, including:

    • Secure hosting
    • Purchasing SSL certificate
    • Updating XML and HTML sitemaps 
    • Updating robots.txt file

Our Approach to SEO Site Migration

Apollo Digital can help you to create an effective plan for your site migration which enhances your SEO performance, and delivers long term growth in your search engine performance.

Long-term Planning

We always recommend planning for the long-term growth of your website and brand through a well-optimised website and a content-led approach to SEO.

Fix SEO Issues

The site migration is an opportunity to fix any outstanding SEO issues which may be restricting your potential Google search rankings.

Tailored Support

We work in tandem with you to deliver a bespoke, tailored service, helping you rank highly for the search queries you want your business to target.

Our Case Studies

We’ve helped some of the biggest names in travel and we know what works!

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