Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of discovering what keywords users type into a search engine when performing a search, the intent behind the search, as well as how frequently the search is performed.

Understand Search Volume

Your SEO project needs to begin with a detailed review of related keywords with high search-volume.

Optimise Landing Pages

Utilise the keyword research to effectively optimise your landing pages and achieve more specific targeting.

Focus on Conversion Intent

Clarity on the conversion intent behind a user’s search allows you to make the most of your marketing investment.

Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Understanding the search volume and conversion intent behind a search key-phrase is essential to creating an effectively optimised website, and delivering a lot more traffic!

But it’s not just about generating more traffic, it’s about identifying users who are both interested in and likely to purchase your products and services.

Focusing your investment on users who are more likely to convert into leads or sales ensures a higher return from your marketing investment.

The process is a key step in understanding the keywords which are most important to your business.

Knowing which keywords are popular in your industry will help you to create pages which are optimised for phrases offering high monthly search volume.

Having landing pages which are specifically optimised for your target keywords have a better chance of ranking well for those terms.

Keyword research can also reveal gaps in the market and even help you to predict shifts in demand.

Our Approach to Keyword Research

  • Understand Your Business

    We start by getting to know your business, and your niche. The aim is to understand the terms which you feel are important to your business. 

  • Conversion Intent

    Consider the kind of words searchers use when looking for information (research) and the words do they use when looking to make a purchase.

  • Review Your Performance

    We use data to understand which terms are driving traffic to your website, as well as the keywords you are currently ranking well for in search engines.

  • Identify Low-Hanging Fruit

    Look to find keywords for which you are ranking well in search engines with potential to improve into Top 10 positions more quickly.

  • Search Volume

    We use keyword research tools to understand the volume of traffic behind a wide range of transactional and informational key-phrases.

  • On Page Optimisation

    Propose changes to your existing pages to ensure that these are optimised for high-volume search terms.

  • New Landing Pages

    Identify new pages which need to be created to effectively target all relevant search key-phrases. 

  • Content Strategy

    Identify whether a blog or sales-focused landing page is the most effective page to target specific search terms.

Our Case Studies

We’ve helped some of the biggest names in travel and we know what works!

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