Bing Ads PPC Management

Effective PPC performance isn’t all about Google.

If you know the keywords that already work for your brand, Bing can offer a great opportunity for increased exposure to a relevant audience.

Review Volumes

We start by understanding the search volumes for relevant keywords in the Bing platform.

Campaign Duplication

We export your Google Ads campaigns and import into Bing Ads for optimal performance.

Testing and Optimisation

Our focus is on ongoing testing and optimisation to ensure that any investment in Bing is justified based on performance.

Why Is Bing PPC Important?

Whilst our focus is always on the Big G, Bing has its own paid search platform, which tends to be ignored by a lot of advertisers due to its market share among search engines.

Although search volume is smaller on Bing (compared to Google), traffic often comes at a cheaper cost-per-click.

Bing campaigns have the following advantages:

  • Conversions are often cheaper – Many competitors are comfortable using Google and don’t make the transition.
  • Default search engine on Internet Explorer – Still one of the biggest web browsers in use today so there is a captive audience (older demographic).
  • Export your AdWords build and import into Bing – Saves a lot of time in setup and ongoing optimisation.

Our Approach to Bing Ads PPC Management

  • Identify Your Audience

    Bing is popular with an older demographic, which can be advantageous for some brands.

    This is likely due to Bing being the default search engine for Internet Explorer, still one of the World’s most popular browsers.

  • Duplicate Campaigns

    We set up your campaigns to follow the best-practises of your Google account. 

    The aim is to utilise data from both Google and Bing to improve campaign and keyword performance.

  • Ongoing Optimisation

    Any spending on PPC ads through Bing needs to be justified based on conversion performance. 

    Our aim is to identify keywords which may be performing better in Bing, and allocate budget accordingly.

Our Case Studies

We’ve helped some of the biggest names in travel and we know what works!

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