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PowderQuest Tours (NEW) – Case Study


+138% Increase in PPC Traffic


-68% Cost-Per-Click


-45% Cost-Per-Conversion

PowderQuest Tours

PowderQuest Tours run professionally guided small group ski tours from South America to Japan.

The requirement was clear:

  • Re-build a scalable AdWords structure
  • Improve website traffic and enquiries

Pay Per Click (PPC)

AdWords pay-per-click campaigns represent the most important form of traffic for the business.

Working closely with the TMR team, we identified relevant destinations and keywords, ensuring we serve tailored ads for specific search terms.

Through testing and optimisation, we have delivered:

+138% Increase in PPC Traffic

-68% reduction in cost-per-click

-45% reduction in cost-per-conversion

-24% reduction in PPC spend

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