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Mickledore – Case Study


CPC down by -22%


CTR up +36%


Organic Traffic up +92%


Mickledore are one of the leading specialists in self guided walking and cycling holidays in the UK.

When we started working on the account, the objectives were clear:

  • Achieve an agreed target CPA
  • Bring more business through AdWords
  • Increase search traffic and bookings

Pay Per Click (PPC)

We started by identifying keywords which were draining the budget without converting to sales or enquiries.

Our focus was on identifying keywords with conversion-intent, allowing us to reach users more likely to book.

Through on-going testing and optimisation we have achieved:

Paid traffic up +51%

+36% Click Through Rate

+32% Google Ads conversions

-65% Cost per Acquisition

-22% Cost per Click

-10% reduction in bounce rate

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our focus for SEO has been on improving the ranks for specific walks.

There keywords identify a more engaged user, who is more likely to book (than a user searching for ‘walking holidays’).

So far, we have achieved:

  • Hadrian’s Wall walk (3rd)
  • Cleveland Way (3rd)
  • South downs Way (6th)
  • Great Glen Way (3rd)
  • Thames Path (6th)
  • Lake District walking holidays (1st)

100%+ More Organic Traffic YoY

+57% Organic Goal Completions

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ads have been an important medium for growing awareness of the product to new customers.

We have utilised Facebook to serve specific ads to past customers, and utilise Facebook’s AI to reach similar customers who have not previously engaged with the brand.

We have achieved:

+363% Social Traffic

+173% Goals from Social

-88% Social Spend

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