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Alpine Elements – Case Study


+85% Conversions


-65% CPA


+63% CTR


+51% Organic Traffic

Alpine Elements

Alpine Elements is a specialist ski, snowboard and summer active holiday company.

They have been operating for over 18 years and take over 22,500 clients away to France, Austria and Greece each year, many of whom are repeat guests or recommendations.

Alpine Element’s success is based on its search presence. Paid search (AdWords mostly) is the largest sales funnel for the tour operator.

Spending almost £500,000 per year the objectives were clear:

  • Decrease the cost-per-conversion (CPC)
  • Bring more business through AdWords
  • Increase search traffic and bookings
Pay per click case study

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Seasonal AdWords pay-per-click campaigns represent the most value form of traffic for the holiday operator.

When we took over the account from a well-known PPC agency, we identified keywords which were draining the budget without converting to sales or enquiries. Namely, phrase-match keyword targeting which were eating up large amount of spend in un-related keywords.

The cost-per-conversion was over £54 and the click-through-rate was slightly over 4%.

As a result of continual optimisation, within 6 months we achieved:

+85% More Conversions

+63% Click Through Rate

-65% Cost per Acquisition

Ski holidays 2nd position
Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Whilst a project is ongoing to develop a responsive website for the Alpine Elements and Ocean Elements brands, a key focus has been on improving the rankings for core keywords using existing landing pages.

A mix of techniques have been employed to deliver authoritative links from high-value, contextually relevant domains.

Few keyword improvement examples:

  • All inclusive ski holidays (search volume: 5.400 on peak months) – From P.30+ to P.1
  • Ski holidays (search volume: 135.000 on peak months) – From P.28 to P.2
  • Ski deals (search volume: 18.000 on peak months) – From P.40+ to P.5
  • Cheap ski holidays (search volume: 27.000 on peak months) – From P.40+ to P.2
  • Last Minute ski holidays (search volume: 18.000 on peak months) – From P.40+ to P.9
  • Last Minute ski deals (search volume: 10.000 on peak months) – From P.40+ to P.8

Through white-hat SEO, within 6 months we also achieved:

+51% More Organic Traffic

300+ First Page Keywords

+60% More New Users

Social Media Case

Social Media Marketing

A mix of advertising and viral campaigns have been utilised to improve the Facebook following of the brand by over 12,000 followers.

Pay-per-click advertising with effective targeting has resulted in a substantial improvement in visits and bookings from social advertising through to the brand websites.

We achieved:

75% Social Traffic

103% Bookings Through Social Media

22% Organic Page Likes on Facebook

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