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Travel websites rely on their design, imagery, and vivid copy to convert visitors into customers. Much has been written about the importance of engaging copy for a travel brand, but the overall design and user-experience of a travel site is often the deciding factor for a customer. A well-designed website inspires trust from your visitors and is directly correlated to the credibility of your site. People will book the holidays you are selling, only if
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More and more travel businesses are adopting digital channels for effective delivery of their marketing messages. In the world of digital marketing, it’s often challenging to separate effective and ineffective tactics. What may work for one brand may prove completely inefficient for another. Although there are some marketing mistakes which are common in the travel industry, in this article, we will discuss 7 digital marketing mistakes which travel businesses need to avoid. 1) Targeting the
TripAdvisor has revolutionised how we travel and has disrupted the travel industry in a way which was unimaginable a few decades ago. Before the era of the internet, there was no way to know before you travelled about the quality of service provided by a hotel or resort. Except for the word of the company selling you the holiday! TripAdvisor changed this and made travel research more accessible by providing an open platform for reviewing
Key Facts About Google AdWords 40.000 searches per second 3.5 billion searches per day 1.2 trillion searcher per year Whenever we want to search for a product, a service or anything else, nowadays you’re most likely to use Google. That is where Google AdWords comes in. AdWords is the paid-for element of Google’s search results which helps a customer find a product, and retailers and service providers to effectively market and sell. There are a

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