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A Guide to Landing Pages That Convert With so many pages to manage on your website, it is easy to overlook the difference that carefully planned landing pages can make to your conversion rates. With the right strategy behind it, a well-structured landing page can boost your bookings ten-fold. How do you structure a landing page to boost bookings and sales? It involves more than just great landing page design or appealing landing page copy.
The travel industry is almost contradictory in its nature. On one hand, it is an enormous ever-growing market, which has doubled in value in just ten years, projected to generate £616 billion in 2019. On the other hand, the service it provides is highly personal. Travellers, now more than ever, look for unique, customised experiences, tailored to their needs. This is becoming increasingly easy, with customers looking past packaged holidays, choosing to plan and book
With almost 2.5 billion active users, it goes without saying that Facebook is an enormous market. It offers businesses almost endless opportunities to find their audience and advertise to it. Marketing on Facebook is also very accessible and cost-effective: anyone can set up an account and start promoting their business. And companies know it. That’s why 93.7% of them use Facebook for promotion, according to a recent survey by Buffer. But how do you start
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The tourism industry, like several other service-based industries, has been disrupted with the rise of Internet. Modern telecommunications have fundamentally altered the face of tourism. Previously, tourists didn’t have access to the kind of information which we have today, and this allowed tourism brands with poor services to escape punishment for their poor practices. Things are much different now. Even a single review by an unsatisfied customer has the potential to destroy your reputation. Online

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