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PPC for Travel Industry
What if we told you that PPC in the travel industry doesn’t have to be expensive! It wasn’t too long ago that booking a holiday involved picking up the phone to call your local travel agent. Things are very different these days. From researching your destination to completing your booking, everything now takes place online. You don’t need to talk to a soul to find the best destinations, flights, accommodation, what to do, where to
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If you own a travel or bookings website, you will have heard about ‘SEO keywords ‘ many times before. Although we hear lots about how SEO keywords can boost our website rankings, what we don’t often uncover is how you can use keywords to actually grow your online bookings. Turning your website visitors into paying customers requires the clever use of keywords so that the right audience will find your website. Any keyword strategy must
Online marketing has dramatically shortened the distance between you and your customer, yet it comes with a new set of challenges. Today it is easier than ever before to pour money into direct marketing which can deliver little in return. The onus is now on us, as business owners and marketing strategists, to decide which are the best digital marketing strategies to use – a decision that is far more complex than it first appears.
Table of Contents1 A Guide to Landing Pages That Convert2 What is a Landing Page?3 Why Landing Pages Work3.1 Tailor your campaign to your niche target audience3.2 They appeal to our need for speed and our short attention span3.3 Focus on conversions3.4 Develop an audience3.5 Improve your page and website rankings4 How to Build a Landing Page Which Converts4.1 Targeted Campaigns4.2 SEO Keywords4.3 Strong Promotional Content4.4 Page Rankings4.5 Capture Customer Data4.6 Web Page Design4.7 Test

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