5 Tips to Get Results with Facebook Marketing

Published on: 30/01/2020 Last Modified on: 15/09/2020

Social media marketing is a very powerful tool when leveraged correctly.

Social interaction is growing exponentially, which is evident in the fact that nearly everyone has an account on a social networking platform.

Why Use Facebook Marketing?

It’s no longer a secret how Facebook is crucial in online marketing.

Facebook is an excellent avenue for businesses and serves as a strong foundation for business , capable of forging personal relationships with a network, as well as turning potential into paying customers.

It’s a quick and easy way to generate a huge amount of traffic for business owners and to create stellar growth for your business.

With over two billion users globally on Facebook, Facebook marketing is a popular way to reach a broad target audience.

However, there is so much more to Facebook marketing than just setting up your profile.

Social marketing is different from any other type of marketing, therefore it is vital to learn how to use Facebook effectively to promote your business.

Otherwise, it will cost you money, time and effort…for little reward!

However, all you need is creativity, technique and a friendly relationship with your customers.

Keeping your fans involved is the ultimate aim.

After that, sit back and let Facebook bring the business to you.

The platform has a high number of users who are (almost) always on the website, spending much of their time checking out profiles and pages.

Users access Facebook an average of eight times per day! *

Therefore, your Facebook business page becomes your showroom.

The page can also become the focal point of interaction between you and your customers.

People can easily post their concerns on the page, and you can quickly respond.

Through this immediate interaction, you can deliver excellent customer service without exerting much time and effort.

There are lots of reasons that make Facebook marketing ideal for businesses.


Facebook gives you the information on the number of people your page (and your posts) has reached.

Through this, you have statistics to help you assess the progress of your Facebook marketing campaign.

It also breaks down the number of likes into different categories such as gender and age.

As such, you can easily gauge if you are effectively reaching out to your primary target audience.

Easy to Manage

Facebook provides features that help you manage your page (s).

You can easily switch from your personal account to your business page.

This lets you manage your personal and professional pages simultaneously, using one login.

You can also build your audience by inviting your friends to like your page.

This helps you easily promote your page, which, in turn, is promoting your business.

In this article, we are going to discuss five Facebook marketing tips to help you find your way to success on Facebook!

Whether you are just starting out or an established Facebook marketeer, these fundamental and proven Facebook marketing tips, updated to match the latest Facebook features should help!

Facebook Marketing – Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Build a professional profile

Start establishing your identity by creating a Facebook profile for yourself and your business.

Having a Facebook profile as your way of positioning business will take you a long way in establishing relationship with users.

Facebook business pages are typically designed for brands, products, services, celebrities, musicians and businesses.

The pages enable organizations, public figures and other entities to generate a public presence on Facebook.

You can encourage users to become fans (or followers) of your business page by sharing information with them, including photos and videos.

If you are a brick and mortar business or if you have an office, give your complete address, along with the full contact number and everything they need to know to validate your identity.

Step 2: Quality Content Updates

People are looking for information.

Information can be anything from a good informative article, infographics, images with quotes, or questions to generate interaction.

Give people what they want…what they enjoy…

Equally, be personable when needed.

By actively engaging with your audience on your Facebook business page you strengthen your online reputation.

The best marketers know that quality and trust are the most important foundation when it comes to any social media marketing technique, and all the other things will simply follow.

Today, we live in a world of interactions, where communication is vital.

Facebook is your opportunity to get in front of your target audience with your unique message.

It’s all about attracting people to you and your content. It’s about sharing valuable information to your audience.

if you are helpful to them, they will talk about you and your brand and this spreads your reputation.

It builds your brand, your reputation.

Step 3: Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are taking the world of advertising by storm.

As we’ve discussed, social media has completely revolutionised the way people look at social networking.

Facebook ads are visual and allow you to prospect for new customer (as opposed to Google where you’re relying on the user searching for a relevant keyword).

Travel ads on Facebook look beautiful…

So, are Facebook ads worth exploring?

One of the key advantages of Facebook is strength in numbers!

One of the things that Facebook has going for it is the sheer number of its users.

As of today there are 2+ billion members around the world.

22% of the world’s total population uses Facebook *.

7. 400 new users sign up for Facebook every minute *.

So, if you’re looking to reach as many people as possible, Facebook is the best platform you could ask for.

In fact, a lot of people are joking about how powerful Facebook would be as a country!

Step 4: Use Facebook frequently

You cannot implement these Facebook marketing tips well if you’re not regularly sharing content on Facebook.

If Facebook is one of your chosen digital strategies, then use it every day.

Be seen…

Be interactive…

Be there!

View it as a place you go to. If you go there often, people there get to know you, and feel more comfortable and familiar with you.

This can only be good for your personal brand and digital marketing efforts.

Facebook can be a very useful marketing tool, but not all Internet Marketers see success from their use of Facebook.

Success is, of course, not only measured by website sales conversions, but also by the amount of interest, interaction, and excitement generated by your Facebook efforts.

Facebook is a bustling and active community.

There is always something happening in your newsfeed.

And if you don’t actively participate, you will be left behind.

Remember that fan engagement doesn’t end with regular post updates.

If you want to achieve maximum results, you must exert your Facebook marketing efforts.

Instead of staying within your page, get out there and start connecting with other fan pages.

This way, you can capitalise on their existing fan base and use it to your advantage.

Step 5: Create a Contest

A contest, whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, can go a long way in keeping people engaged with your Facebook page.

Offer a prize associated with your business and make it fun (where you can).

You can run a competition in which participants solve a problem, come up with a creative solution or find clues on your business page that help them win.

It may be trivia based or involve predicting some specific outcome.

Facebook has various guidelines, rules and restrictions concerning contests, such as a business cannot make part of the requirement of a contest that entrants “Like” your page.

This used to be a no-brainer for FB marketeers, using programs such as Shortstack.

A well-run contest presented via your Facebook page can help to ensure loyalty, entice new fans to join and create a solid base that you can continue to cultivate.


Facebook is an excellent tool to use for marketing.

By harnessing its immense reach can prove to be very advantageous for people starting out in the online marketing industry or even seasoned professionals.

It really is the place to be right now!

If you want to improve and excel in your Facebook marketing, then start following similar businesses in your specific niche.

Watch what they do, take inspiration…

Then do it better!

Facebook is undoubtedly the most important social networking site on the internet.

Making proper use of your knowledge of Facebook marketing information plays a significant role in today’s business marketing.

Does Facebook marketing work? Just like any other opportunity, it works if YOU work it.

Use the five tips above as a checklist for your Facebook marketing, or learn more about Facebook Ads support.

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*  https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2017/11/07/facebook-statistics

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