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Complete Guide to TripAdvisor for Travel Businesses in 2019

Complete Guide to TripAdvisor for Travel Businesses in 2019

TripAdvisor has revolutionised how we travel and has disrupted the travel industry in a way which was unimaginable a few decades ago. Before the era of the internet, there was no way to know before you travelled about the quality of service provided by a hotel or resort. Except for

Why Paid Advertising is Key to Growing Your Business

In today’s digitally-connected world, we have a wide variety of mediums and methods to reach our customers. It can be hard to choose the right marketing strategy or medium as the plethora of options available often lead to a state of analysis paralysis where a person is unable to make

10 Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

SEO or search engine optimisation is one of the least understood topics in the world of digital marketing. Most marketers and business owners wrongly assume that they need to have a technical background to grasp SEO fully. Nothing can be further from the truth as with a little bit of

Why Travel Businesses need to Manage their Online Reputation

Travel businesses are one of the few service-based sectors which have been disrupted by the rise of the internet and new media platforms such as social media. The process of travel planning and booking a holiday has become primarily internet driven, as more and more customers use the web to

How Social Media Has Transformed Travel & Tourism

Social Media has fundamentally changed the tourism industry and has affected all aspects of the tourism and hospitality sector ranging from travel research, to travel booking, and online reviews. Some companies have taken advantage of this growing marketing medium, whereas those don’t have an effective social media strategy for their

10 Frequently Asked Questions About PPC in 2019

PPC or pay per click advertising is one of the best ways to generate targeted traffic in a short amount of time. As the name itself suggests, it’s a paid form of advertising and has been around for almost two decades now. Many webmasters and marketers have questions regarding PPC.

Is Paying for SEO Worth It In 2019?

It’s quite common to come across obituaries of SEO Marketing which proclaim that the practice is dead. The age of social media and the prevalence of other digital marketing methods, forces people to ask if paying for Search Engine Optimisation is really worth the investment. To do this, it’s imperative

The Importance of Links & How to Disavow a Link

It has become quite common to come across obituaries for backlinks which repeatedly proclaim that backlinks are no longer important for SEO due to several algorithm updates and changes in search engine optimization. Nothing can be further from the truth as contrary to public perception, link building is alive and

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