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Want to get better rankings on Google? Of course you do! However SEO is a complex beast and it can be hard to know where to focus your time to bring the best return. In this case study, we’ll show you how we implemented a custom SEO strategy for one of our clients, and the results delivered. Our case study provides actionable takeaways, following a simple and repeatable SEO strategy. Any business can use this
In this case study we’re going to show you how we implemented a custom strategy for one of our clients, which has increased the number of keywords ranking in Google by over 10,000 in only 4 months! March – July 2020 Comparison YoY (+10,000 more ranking keywords) We want to share a process we’ve developed to improve the link profile and Domain Authority (DA) which any business can use to drive more qualified traffic from
In this case study we’re going to show you how to follow a repeatable process to greatly improve SEO rankings for a NEW website. (Source: Google Analytics showing Organic Traffic YoY) If you’re expecting this article to tell you how to cheat at Search Engine Optimisation without putting in much effort, you’re in the wrong place! With a new website, there needs to be a focus on improving organic performance gradually. This article shows you
Social media marketing is a very powerful tool when leveraged correctly. Social interaction is growing exponentially, which is evident in the fact that nearly everyone has an account on a social networking platform. Table of Contents1 Why Use Facebook Marketing?1.1 Insights1.2 Easy to Manage2 Facebook Marketing – Step-By-Step Guide2.1 Step 1: Build a professional profile2.2 Step 2: Quality Content Updates2.3 Step 3: Facebook Ads2.4 Step 4: Use Facebook frequently2.5 Step 5: Create a Contest3 Conclusion4

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