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What do our Audits Cover?

  • Investigate keyword choices – Our Google AdWords Qualified Professionals will examine how relevant and profitable your keywords are, looking into the performance of these, analysing those of your competitors and suggesting alternatives where necessary.
  • Analyse ad content – Ad copy plays an essential role in your click through rates, so we analyse the quality of your ad text to see how this can be improved. Attention grabbing headings and strong calls to action are essential for attracting consumers to your landing pages.
  • Look into landing pages that may be underperforming – Strong landing pages are an important way of improving your conversions so we analyse the quality of these and identify areas for improvement. Specific areas we look at might include the quality of your images, the quantity and quality of the content on these pages and the relevancy to the ads themselves.
  • Look at your bidding – We’ll also take a look at your bidding structure, making sure your paid search account is as cost-effective as possible.

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